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“Cosmic Country-folk with a Tribal Twist of Jazz”

Eddie Danger started his career in music as an alto sax player in the 5th grade. In the 9th grade he was kicked out of the Jazz band and stopped playing music for about 4 years. At age 18 an enlightening experience in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert reintroduced Ed’s Love of music and he started frequenting drum circles.  Now he plays the upside-down guitar, bass, ukulele, and banjo.  He also plays the didgeridoo, piano & keys, pump organ, saxophone, flute, and a plethora of percussion instruments he has collected in his world travels.

Eddie Danger is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, band leader, playwright, festival & parade organizer, story teller, sound & lighting tech, stage manager, master of ceremonies, wedding man, actor, blogger, educator, puppeteer & all around creative being.

Danger has bicycled from Canada to Mexico, worked on organic farms.  He has been a sea kayak instructor, a school bus driver, a raft guide, and recently co-starred in a film about jug band music with Garrison Keillor from A Prairie Home Companion.  He has released 11 albums and is an advisor for multiple music festivals including Boats and Bluegrass (where he also performs and is master of ceremonies), Great River Folk Festival, and the worlds largest renewable Energy Fair.

 Eddie Danger is an award-winning songwriter an his video blog, Songs & Stories from the Attic, is followed by songwriters all around the world.  He teaches many workshops on Song Craft and Creativity and has been called, “The Bob Ross of Songwriting”.  Danger is frequently featured on Wisconsin Public Radio show Simply Folk.


“Dangers most important instrument is his voice: He scats and oomps and sings through clever compositions, sounding not unlike folks answer to Bobby McFerrin!” -THE ONION av club

“Danger is effective and environmentally aware electro-folk with an acoustic, almost spoken word vibe that reminds one of the late Frank Zappa’s monologue inflections.” MAXIMUM INK

A little bit world/bushmen, a little bit small furry creatures grooving with a pick, a little bit twisted dairyland folk – CALIFORNIA RECORDING INSTITUTE 

“Danger blends poetic whimsy with folk sensibility, suffusing the mix with rhythm-heavy melody, and an injection of jazz-style phrasing when you least expect it. Sounds bizarre doesn’t it? Well, it is. But it’s unique, and it works!” -LAKE SUPERIOR SOUNDER

“A hallmark of Dangers performances and his music in general, is his sharp wit. He’s extremely entertaining live possessing a common-sense and ample humor which he weaves both into and between songs. The sheer variety of sounds is astounding & at times there are extended breaks that become hypnotic” -RICKS CAFE

Danger’s brilliant and worldly shows play more like an ensemble. He delights in finding snappy audio tricks and playing them on dozens of instruments, sometimes with an electronic aid- it’s funky, heady folk. -THE CITY PAGES

“I’ve found myself listening to a wonderful songwriter who is really making a name for himself in the Folk scene”. -Steph Elkins, SIMPLY FOLK Wisconsin Public Radio