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> Kyle Kane


“I’ve never been not worried like this before,” says Kyle Kane on his 2014 EP Tell Me What You Saw.  In these songs we begin to get to know the world in which Kane submerges himself.  Songs of a life amongst the last refuges of wild nature in the Midwest of America, encapsulated in the anguish of the plow.  Attention to detail, in which archetypes of eccentric characters flourish.  Certainly Kane knows these patterns, people, and plants that are sung about.  The accomplished fingerstyle is a landscape all of it’s own; deep valleys holding a base for the melodies of creeks, the speaking of meadowlarks, or sometimes, the drone of insects.  You can sense the fear of loss of such companions, the dedication to their appreciation, and despite the dark lamentations, a sense of hope and a playfulness with his own sense of worry; a message of a more profound gratification.