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[Them Coulee Boys] are sure to kick down an equal dose of punk-folk calamity and Americana balladry, 4-part harmonies learned in dive bars and church basements, and a banjo stomp so infective you are sure to join with abandon.
— Mid West Music Fest

Allegedly founded at a bible camp, and born in the back valleys of Western Wisconsin, Them Coulee Boys craft a brand of Americana that blends punk, bluegrass, and rock & roll.  Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and a lone kick drum provide the pulse that drives underneath the conversational yet thoughtful lyrics.  Them Coulee Boys seek to start a conversation with their performance, knowing just how diverse that interaction can be. From love letters and farewell fights, to fists raised in protest with a hand held in harmony, the songs are reflections on the current state of the world, and in turn, ourselves. The lyrics and singing of Soren Staff are complemented by the reckless banjo stylings of Beau Janke, the deft mandolin work of Jens Staff, and the thump of bass/kick drummer Michael Aschbacher, Them Coulee Boys are sure to make it “impossible not to bob your head, shake your legs, or even strum your fingers along with the beat” (The Spectator).

After the release of their debut “I Never Lied About Being In Love” in 2014, Them Coulee Boys toured tirelessly until it came time to record their first professional studio effort in the winter months of 2016.  After 7 days at Pine Hollow Audio outside of Eau Claire, WI the new record “Dancing in the Dim Light” was born.  With new songs came new sounds, as evidenced by the use of electric banjo, drums, and piano.  Engineer Evan Middlesworth also contributed pedal steel and baritone guitar, while Eve Wilczewski (Seasaw) added violin.  It’s a grander sound, while still keeping the rawness of a live setting Them Coulee Boys are known for.  Lyrically, “Dancing in the Dim Light” deals with the duality of life, in which we often remember the lows in our highs, but also see the light in the dark.  Being weak or vulnerable isn’t what defines you. It’s about how you dance when the lights aren’t shining like they need to.  “Dancing in the Dim Light” is set to be released June 28, 2016 with a tour to follow.

Them Coulee Boys have shared stages with Charlie Parr, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, The 4onthefloor, and many more. They have also had the honor of being played on NPR’s “Simply Folk” and many other Midwest radio stations.

Them Coulee Boys were selected in 2015 as one of 64 finalists nationally to compete in a voting contest to get to Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee.  They made it to the 2nd round, where they lost an eventual winner, despite being one of the top vote-getters. Also in 2015, Soren Staff competed in River Falls Roots and Bluegrass Festival’s “Upper Midwest Singer-Songwriter Championship” and took 1st place.