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April 8, 2016: Undlin & Wolfe with special guest Christopher Gold

WHAT: Undlin & Wolfe show (with special guest Christopher Gold)
DATE: April 8, 2016
TIME: 7pm
COST: $10 suggested donation

Undlin & Wolfe is an alternative folk group whose songs whistle straight through your down-jacket to shatter the northern-most corner of your heart before melting it completely.

How Far, U&W’s debut full-length effort, is an album of inbetweens — between earth and sky, between friends across oceans, between years that have passed so quickly or too slow. It lives in the space between broken-hearted and whole-again. The music will meet you between the cool blue of fresh water in July and the silver lines of December moons, will walk alongside you in the space of wherever it is you started and that unknowable place you’re going.

Recorded between the two cities of Minneapolis, MN and Eau Claire, WI, How Far is a reflection in the lake, a ripple along the surface, the echoes of what we remember.