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June 9, 2016: Johnny and Molly of Communist Daughter with Special Guests TBA

WHAT: Johnny and Molly of Communist Daughter with Special Guests TBA

DATE: June 9, 2016

TIME: 7pm

COST: $10 suggested donation

Facebook event:

jonny molly

A few years ago John Solomon walked away from music. After a long struggle with addiction and a brief stint in jail he broke up his critically acclaimed band Friends Like These and moved to a small town. Supposedly that was that…

Even though Solomon left music, music never left him. After a long hiatus, he called some friends to come out to that small town and begin again.

Communist Daughter is an indie rock band from Saint Paul, Minnesota, founded by Johnny Solomon. The band’s name comes from the title of a song by the band Neutral Milk Hotel.

Communist Daughter was founded in 2009 by singer and songwriter Johnny Solomon in Prescott, Wisconsin. Solomon moved from Saint Paul to Prescott in 2007 after the breakup of his marriage and his band Friends Like These due to addiction, mental health issues, and a spell in jail.[1][2][3][4][5] There he took over the Boxcar restaurant, and began writing and recording under the Communist Daughter moniker, taking the name from a Neutral Milk Hotel song.[3][5] He assembled a band of Twin Cities musicians: bass player Adam Switlick, formerly the guitarist with Friends Like These, keyboard player Jonathan Blaseg, and drummer Steve Yasgar, formerly of A Whisper in the Noise and Swiss Army.[5] They recorded a four song demo that included the track “Not The Kid”, and added singer Molly Moore whom Solomon met when she visited his restarurant.[5] Communist Daughter signed to Grain Belt Records and began recording the debut album Soundtrack to the End. At this time they added guitar player Al Weiers formerly of Faux Jean and the Odd.[5] Steve Yasgar left the band and they finished recording the album with drummer Christopher McGuire (12 Rods, Kid Dakota).

In September 2013 singer Molly Moore and Johnny Solomon married.[10][13]