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March 16, 2016: Michael Dunn – Sherlock Holmes solves the Shakespeare Mystery plus A lecture on the Knights Templar

WHAT: Michael Dunn – Sherlock Holmes solves the Shakespeare Mystery plus a lecture on the Knights Templar

Musicopoesis interlude by Frank Wildingway and Ed Schultz

WHEN: March 16, 2016

TIME: 7pm

COST: $5-10 suggested donation



Sherlock Holmes Solves the Shakespeare Mystery! Journey back into the fascinating Age of the Bard and The Virgin Queen – and a controversy that will not die! Why do reasonable people harbor doubts about the identity of the world’s most beloved writer? Join award-winning, Juilliard-trained writer/performer Michael Henry Dunn as the great detective on a multi-media journey into the “lost history!”

After a Cool Musical Poetry Interlude with Frank WIldingway and Ed Schultz, Michael takes us down another legendary “rabbit hole” of history – the true history of the Knights Templar…and their unexpected and astonishing return!

“Brilliant. ‘Sherlock Holmes and The Shakespeare Mystery’ is a work of genius.”
– Dr. Gene Griessman, Ph.D, nationally prominent author and speaker.

“Michael Dunn bursts into brilliance…”
– Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

“Memorable and enjoyable.”
– Pierre Leloup, Director, Le Lysee Francaise, Los Angeles

“One of the finest programs our group has ever seen. Wonderfully entertaining and informative.”
– Mitzi Blahd, President, Pacific Palisades Library Association

“An amazing performance!”
– Dr. Roger Stritmatter, Ph.D., Founder, The Shakespeare Fellowship, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Very thought-provoking. A great match to our philosophy of challenging our nation’s most gifted youth.”
– Jennifer Lanza, Senior Program Coordinator, Institute for Educational Advancement, Pasadena, California.

“Spectacular. The dynamic high point of the conference. I believe even the most jaded student would be entranced and ignited.”
– Elizabeth Clark, The Shakespeare Fellowship, Toronto, Canada

“I was completely captivated!”
– Bruce Mars, Director, SRF Publications, Los Angeles, California