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May 20, 2017: Chris Koza with Special guest Nickel & Rose

May 20, 2017

Chris Koza with Special guest Nickel & Rose


$10 (suggested donation)

Rogue Valley frontman Chris Koza has completed a new solo album titled In Real Time; a twelve-song collection confronting the perception of time, the oasis of the in-between, and the allure of the ocean. The Portland-raised, Minnesota-based singer-songwriter has consistently produced and released music over the past decade. Koza’s songs are being heard on television and radio broadcasts all across the world. Most recently, Koza’s song “The Wolves and the Ravens” was featured in Ben Stiller’s film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and also included on the soundtrack. In Real Time was written and recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota between stretches on the road. The album finds Koza returning to the pop songwriting roots he established in his pre-Rogue Valley work such as Patterns (2006) and The Dark Delirious Morning (2008). In Real Time pits the time traveler against his younger self, face-to-face in a vacant parking lot on the edge of town. It is classic Americana re-imagined through the lens of a jukebox aficionado; a cagey swirl of rhythms, textures, and lyrics that depict the grass coming up through the cracks in the pavement and reaching for the sun.

Nickel & Rose is a duo from Milwaukee Wisconsin playing a unique style of blues and jazz that blends Soul, Americana, Gypsy, African and Arabic music.

Musicians Johanna Rose (upright bass) and Carl Nichols (guitar) bring their diverse musical backgrounds together to create a new style of American music.