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May 22, 2016: The Hooten Hallers w/ special guests Dirt Bros

WHAT: The Hooten Hallers with special guests Dirt Bros

WHEN: May 22, 3016

TIME: 7pm

COST: $10 suggested donation

Facebook event:


The Hooten Hallers are a blues, soul, and rock n’ roll band from Columbia, MO. They are: John Randall (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Rehm (Drums/Vocals) and Kellie Everett (Bass & Baritone Saxophones). Known for their raucous live shows and influenced heavily by the canon of American roots music, this hard touring band does everything in their power to bring that music to you. They have produced a number of self-releases since forming in 2007, but most recently released Greetings from Welp City(2012) and Chillicothe Fireball(2014) on Big Muddy Records. With another release brewing for 2015, The Hooten Hallers have every intention of driving ’til the wheels fall off.

The Dirt Bros are Donny “Lucky Duck” Moon” and Adam “Greasy” Cook. They met in a sand storage shelter outside Helena Montana one night while hopping trains
Gritty 2 piece blues rock with a vicious dance streak.
The Dirt Bros are a rock duo formed in the midwest in 2007. The group consists of Donny Moon (Guitar,Vocals) and Logan Grahn (Drums). Originally the band formed after a fateful encounter where Donny met Adam Cook (original drummer) inside a sand storage shelter dodging a rain storm while train hopping in Montana. Both steeped in old time music, they pulled out a guitar and began passing the night away around a fire and a bottle of Black Velvet.

Donny’s musical roots dig deeply into early pre-blues fife and drum traditions like Othar Turner and Hill Country guitarists Fred McDowell and R.L.Burnside. The first night at Donny’s farm in the Driftless region of remote rural Wisconsin, they played for 4 hours inside an old granary and wrote 6 of the band’s staple of hard driving, lighthearted rhythmic blues they are known for. Donny played on some old Sears and Roebuck Guitars through a towering stack of cobbled antique radios converted to massive soul pounding amplifiers and Adam wielded only a mallet duct taped to his hand while beating on a huge 1920’s circus bass drum with a
tambourine stuck to the top of it.

Originally intending the music to be light entertainment for local picnics and pig roasts, they soon became local heroes for their non-serious, head-banging, booty shaking party music.

Previously Donny had experience in Minneapolis band The Hang Ups who had commercial success and recorded an album with Mitch Easter and Don Dixon, producers of REM’s first three albums. He had also put out a rock/pop album of his own band The Waves, called ‘Flame a Little Brighter’ on Grimsey Records with Andrea Troolin, manager of Andrew Bird.

After recording a rough self titled album for The Dirt Bros, contact was made with Fat Possum records and a deal was in place for over a year with Black Keys’ attorney Elizabeth Gregory helping with contract negotiations. Talks finally stalled after The Black Keys were simultaneously negotiating their own deal with the same label in which they threatened and then finally bounced to a major label.

Currently the Dirt Bros have moved to Madison, WI, and new drummer Logan Grahn (of The Earthlings) has added a new rhythmic spin by playing a full kit. A first studio album is slated for spring 2016. They still have no official album released. For checking out, they do have various YouTube videos and a self titled CD which can be found at their shows consisting of lo-fi self recorded barn tracks which in the cult circles of those who love them in Brooklyn, Vermont, rural Wisconsin and New Orleans have become classics.