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Oct 28, 2016: Derek Lynch (MPLS) with special guest Rachel Hanson

WHAT: Derek Lynch (MPLS) with special guest Rachel Hanson

WHEN: Oct 28, 2016

TIME: 7pm

COST: $10 suggested donation

Genre: post-folk
Hometown: mpls, mn
Short Description: All is not lost.


It’s hard to pinpoint from where exactly Derek Lynch draws his inspiration. With a life that’s spanned from singing backup for Bobby McFerrin to struggling with poverty, from enlisting in the navy to a two-year hiatus in Japan, it’s no wonder that Lynch’s music covers an immense landscape, both musically and thematically.

In his second album, All Is Not Lost, Derek is focusing on exploring the moments that have shaped him through the years. Death, breakups, flashbacks, and pilgrimages are all a part of the story. Another part of that story is weaved into the album itself. Instilled with ideals of minimalism, anti-consumption, and self-sufficiency, Lost is being performed, produced, engineered, and mixed almost entirely in the spare bedroom of Lynch’s Minneapolis apartment with no outside help besides a few friends volunteering their time and talents.

“There’s so much talent in this city that it’s only fair to give a voice to those who won’t be otherwise heard,” Lynch says. “Instead of hiring the best artists, engineers, and PR campaign managers money can buy, I’m free to focus all my energy on creating a communal experience with no one to answer to but ourselves.”

All Is Not Lost will be released in four movements throughout 2016.


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