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July 23, 2017: Charlie Painter Trio with special guest Barefoot Antennae

July 23, 2017

Charlie Painter Trio with special guest Barefoot Antennae


$10 suggested donation

We are proud to welcome back the Charlie Painter Trio for a fine evening of Jazz.
Formed in Viroqua. We write our music as a community. All of us are responsible for our contribution to the music, and for leaving an opportunity for everybody’s expression. Our process is our spirit, our consensus and respect for each other. The fun we have making the music becomes it. The transmission of this spirit is in the music. Once you tune your body to the rhythm, this meta-information carried by the harmony will be received like you are an antennae.

Jeff Miller-Sax, Piano; Adrian Hudson and Dave Ware-Guitar; Jon Passi-Piano,flute; Micah Robinson-Trombone, Raj’r Tai-m- Bass, Synthesizer, Drums; Bruce Carey-Drums, Bass; Dan Kremenaur-Aux percussion