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July 29, 2017: The Newlands Coop – (Viðar Skrede and Sara Pajunen) + Marques Morel

July 29, 2017

The Newlands Coop – (Viðar Skrede and Sara Pajunen) + Marques Morel


$10 suggested donation

Using violin, harding fiddle, guitar and voice, the Newlands Co-op (Vidar Skrede and Sara Pajunen) plays acoustic music from Norway and Finland brought to these new lands by one immigrant or another.

VIDAR AND SARA perform traditional and contemporary Nordic folk tunes with unique sensibilities and improvisatory elements. They are also available for workshops in Norwegian and Finnish fiddle tunes, new Nordic folk comping, and ensemble work.

VIDAR SKREDE (from Haugesund, Norway) is a freelance Nordic folk musician on guitar, harding fiddle, fiddle and Greek bouzouki. He has a background in the traditional music from Rogaland (South West of Norway), and has a master degree in Nordic folk music at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Vidar is a leading musician on the Nordic folk music scene and a popular tune writer and now resides in Chicago.
SARA PAJUNEN is a Minneapolis-based violinist, composer, and creator who has been described as an ‘amazingly versatile musician who now counts among the most ambitious and notable practitioners of Finnish folk music outside Finland. Pajunen holds classical music degrees from both the United States and Finland, and her work has received funding from Jerome Foundation, MN State Arts Board, and Koneen Säätiö. She was the 2015-16 Finlandia Foundation Performer of the Year.


Opening the evening….Marques Morel is an American folksinger. He is also a father, husband, son, brother, carpenter, woodsman, activist, and gardener (who happens to write bios about himself in 3rd person). When he is solo he accompanies his songs with guitar or banjo and usually blows a harp and kicks a drum to fill out the sound. Sometimes he plays and sings with his wife, Brooke, and sometimes with a band called The People.
Marques has no credentials to brag about and no names to drop. All he has are his stories and his songs and they come from his life, his love, his dreams, his soul and his many miles in the wind and rain. He is grateful to anyone who will listen.