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Oct 1, 2016: Seasaw (Madison) with Special guests ANIMA

WHAT: Seasaw (Madison) with Special guests ANIMA

WHEN: Oct 1, 2016

TIME: 7pm

COST: $10 suggested donation

Seasaw is Eve Wilczewski and Meg Golz, who are the sea and saw respectively. Fate and a small-town restaurant in Freeport, IL brought them together for the first time in 2010. Seasaw collaborated through four years of long-distance until the summer of 2015, when Eve joined Meg in their current residence of Madison, WI. Seasaw has since grown their powerful and charismatic sound in a way that can only be accomplished when best friends are living and creating within blocks of each other.

Keeping their folk roots in the back of their mind, the eleven songs on Seasaw’s newest album ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ (out July 22, 2016) venture head-first into the pop and indie-rock realm. The duo has transformed into a combination of commanding instrumentation, intricate harmonies, and refreshing wit that is uniquely Seasaw. Using the metaphor of a sunburn, ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’ is an exploration of metamorphosis – each song a new stage, insight, and conversation about the shared experience of any relationship. The album listens much like a mix-tape; all of the songs complimenting one another while elaborating further on the thesis of change. As a listener, you relate to the peaks and valleys of human interaction; the elation (suntan), the pain (sunburn), and finally, an acceptance (new skin).

Seasaw has had the honor of performing alongside: Lissie, Paleface, SOAK, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, Run River North, You Won’t, Caroline Smith, Sonntag (formerly of Phox), We Are The Willows and many others.





Friends since kindergarten, Anima came into existence as Raina and Jaia began making music together at the beginning of their high school years. They started by busking at local farmers markets and frequenting open mics, but with the help of their abundantly musical community in the hills of Driftless Wisconsin, Anima’s on-stage presence has grown, as well as their musical range. Both self-taught musicians, Anima has never quite known what genre they fit into, or if they fit into one at all. With influences ranging from the Incredible String Band and the Grateful Dead, to Cloud Cult and Alt-J, to Wisconsin favorites such as Dead Horses and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, they have found an eclectic sound filled with hauntingly captivating harmonies, double-lead guitar riffs, and an affinity for the box drum.

Their lyric content contemplates human nature, healing, relationship, and oneness, and passes through a lense of transcendentalism saturated with images of the deepest roots of nature — our earthen home, the patterns that exist, the fact that we are animals, and the endless fractal of breathing. Anima helps to remind us that we are all connected.

They have had the the great honor of sharing the stage with many different national and Wisconsin-based bands such as the Barefoot Movement, Dead Horses, Natty Nation, Auralai, Tugg, Rucksack Revolution (Adam Greuel of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Sara Vos of Dead Horses), Eddie Danger, and many more…