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Sept 30, 2016: Armchair Boogie with special guests Flow Poetry

Sept 30, 2016

Armchair Boogie with special guests Flo Poetry


$10 suggested donation

Armchair Boogie formed in the winter of 2014 as a banjo and guitar duo. After playing a handful of shows as a romp-stomp’in toe-tapp’in duo, Augie Dougherty (banjo) and Ben Majeska (guitar) recruited a well versed rhythm section to hold down the upbeat tempos and provide an extra oomph that’ll bring even saddest uncle to a dance floor. Drums and bass were destined to join the Boogie. This happened in October 2015; and In the few short months since then the Boogie boys have been busy performing, booking, and have just begun recording their first album.
Even though Armchair Boogie is young, their unique brand of bluegrass is true to the genre’s roots and has already landed them shows with Dead Horses, 2nd Strings, and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. Armchair Boogie performed as special guests at The Sentry Theater’s holiday show in December, 2015. If you can get up and dance, you’ll enjoy a time with Armchair Boogie.
Current Location
Stevens Point, WI